Art Room Renovation

If you’re a regular visitor to the Art Room at the MACC, you probably know about the hidden holes in the floor under the carpet and about the finicky lights that come on some of the time, after much flicking of the switch. Maybe you’ve heard Val lament the loss of another tube of cobalt blue paint to the mice. Well, all of that is about to change.

This room has been at the top of the To-Do list, so while our beloved art teacher, Val Gibson, is away on vacation this month, we have the opportunity to install a new floor in the art room. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we have the funds to cover the cost! 

As many of you know, this room is usually stuffed with easel-covered tables. Moving a tall ladder around to replace the ceiling tiles and lights will be so much easier while the room is empty. We have volunteers to do the work (except the electrician), but could use a few more dollars. If you can help with this, please donate. And be sure to stop by and see the new room in June!